Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Tool, Many Solutions

Who ever heard of carpenters getting together to compare notes on a new hammer--discussing its handle and grip, the balance, or claw? On the other side of town, might some plumbers be having their own talk about the same common tool?

This is ridiculous, of course. People find the tools they need and learn how to use them properly, for one reason only: to solve a problem or complete a project as efficiently as possible. Nobody designs a project around what's in their toolbox. That would be the wrong way to solve a problem.

Fact is, here at ConferenceCalls.com we're in the solutions business. Our great web site offers plenty of great communication solutions, services and innovative technologies.It's where you can get a free conference call, set up a business or audio conference call, or maybe buy a calling card. But even while you're thinking about our conference call services, you're probably also thinking about just how the right internet or phone conference call can make you and your team members more productive.

We all know that the best tools make us more productive in more than one situation. A carpenter might grab his hammer to replace a loose brick in his garden path. A housewife will learn to appreciate the hammer her husband just bought, the next time she has to hang a picture.

There are also many ways to use ConferenceCalls.com services. The far-flung relatives of a hospitalized family member might set up a call to coordinate their care-giving efforts. A principal could call hundreds of alumni to raise funds quickly so she can repair a damaged school roof. Community members might share skills with each other for their new service exchange program on a conference call--reducing inconvenience to older residents or families with small children, and record the call to make meeting minutes unnecessary.

Of course, most of us are in the habit of using conference call services for business meetings. And with all the great new features that our parent company Universal Calling is always adding, businesses will appreciate their convenience and added productivity like never before. But it's not just about business any more. With the explosive growth of social media and long-distance community building, making full use of conference call services is a habit that everyone should consider hammering home.