Monday, April 16, 2007

Conferencing = A Cleaner Planet?

Check out this article from TMCnet. Could conferencing help lessen your company's environmental impact?

Personally, I find this a great option. While face-to-face contact can still be important to a company's success, it's not always mandatory for day-to-day tasks. I know I'm not alone in my experience that most tasks today are assigned via email, carried out on a computer, and delivered/discussed further via still more email. But what about group projects or weekly meetings?

I think that's where conferencing can really shine. With today's distributed offices, conferencing (whether audio, web, or video) offers the ability to collaborate in real time without having to travel. I've participated in many highly effective online meetings that I'll discuss here soon; I can confirm that online meetings are frequently even more productive than in-person meetings. Plus, since travel expenses are out of the picture, teams can meet more frequently.

Looks like the environment and business can profit from conferencing.

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