Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carnival Part 2: Not About Web Conferencing

Here are the leftovers from yesterday’s blog carnival (things that I couldn’t relate directly to web conferencing). Lots to look through, so enjoy! Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Editor’s Picks:

Christine Scivicque presents 5 E-mail Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid posted at The Executive Assistant's Tool Box.
Professionalism isn’t dead, even online. Christine offers some excellent tips that will improve your e-mail communications (and might just keep you from losing that lead).

edithyeung presents Know How to Ask for What you Deserve and Break the Glass Ceiling posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..
Everyone has to be his or her own cheerleader and PR team, all in one. Edith Yeung presents a great piece on getting where you need to go in your career.

Jack Yoest presents Watch For Upwarding Leaping Monkeys posted at, saying, "Managers, are there monkeys leaping up on your backs? The monkey is the next move after the boss and subordinate part after talking — all too often the boss has the next move. The staffer has ‘delegated’ a task up to the boss. An upward leaping monkey."
I’m sure you’ve seen this take place in your office – upward delegation. How can you avoid it?

FitBuff presents I Can Stand My Stand Up Desk |'s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog posted at's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, "Anyone who spends most of their day sitting down, especially those working from home, should consider a stand up a desk. It's now been one month since I set mine up, and this article chronicles how it has improved my posture, productivity, and performance. Plus there is a short video to show you how to set one up yourself for free to try out."
This is way off-topic in some ways, but something that’s been of personal interest to me for quite some time. See how the stand up desk…well, stands up to its sit-down competition.

The Rest:

Jimmy Atkinson presents 14 Good Hosting Options for Hardcore Developers posted at Dedicated Hosting Guide. presents How to React to Criticism posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, "Receiving negative feedback is never easy. But when you understand how it can help you accelerate your career, you might begin to view criticism differently. One of the factors that distinguish expert performers from everyone else is how they interpret and use criticism. Instead of trying to avoid it, top performers welcome it and use it to significantly enhance their performance. In this issue we share a strategy you can use to benefit from criticism, rather than feel hurt by it."

Tom Stanley presents Finding The Right Information About Franchise Opportunities posted at Tom's Franchise Information Blog, saying, "If you are looking to buy a franchise business don't just jump right in. There are things you need research. This article will help you discover what to look for."

Jason Rakowski presents How To Deliver Technical Support That Delights The End User, Part Two posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, "For computer companies technical support can make or break you. If you are in high-tech this is a must read."

Matthew Paulson presents How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking posted at Getting Green.

Sagar Satapathy presents Startup Required Reading: Top 100 VC Bloggers posted at Bootstrapper.

Pushpa Sathish presents The Business Blogging Toolset: 100 Resources for Entrepreneur-Writers posted at Bootstrapper.

James Wong presents Make Money Online: Site Build It! posted at Online-ebiz.

Bhupendra Khanal presents Cost of Retention Vs cost of Acquisition posted at Analytics Bhupe, saying, "There is one cost, the cost to maintain quality of offerings and service. The terms like Acquisition and retention cost does not exist."

Moneywalks presents Ways to Avoid Procrastination posted at moneywalks.

Mike Harmon presents Planning an Business Trip posted at Basic Accounting, saying, "For Business Owners, a business trip can be a valuable tool and tax deduction. Typically however, the business owner gets to tax time and finds out there is a big tax liability due."

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Custom Made Jingles, Commercials and Music for Television and Radio posted at Matt's Creative Advertising Blog, saying, "Looking for the right sound and company to produce that sound can be somewhat tricky, especially if this is your first run with TV or radio. There are a number of things to look out for in terms of getting the best price with a great sounding commercial."

Chris Tackett presents ITV Ventures Review - Honest Money Making Opportunity Or Scam? posted at Direct Marketing News, saying, "Do you realize that there are many more infomercials today as compared to 10 years ago? When you look at the television the commercials are aired in such a way to engage the viewer in their ‘wants’. My goal is to help you get the logical side before investing your hard earned cash into ITV Ventures."

Eric Hudin presents From iPhone to YouTube - The Viral Marketing Method posted at Everyday Marketing Ideas, saying, "Many businesses take advantage of the newest marketing method available: viral advertising. Different marketing strategies are employed by product and service providers, channeling popular and existing social networking communities online."

Chris Russell presents Enhancing Human Performance posted at Productivity Planner, saying, "Knowing why people behave the way they do on the job is the key to gaining commitment to continuous improvement. A manager must understand peoples needs in order to increase motivation and therefore meet the needs of the organization."

Stacey Derbinshire presents Leveling the Playing Fields posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, "The lifeplan of school, college, and get a job is the paradigm most are trained to follow. However, only a small percentage of those who follow this plan end up with any level of wealth or financial satisfaction in their secular life."

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