Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carnival: Audio Conferencing?

Welcome to the September 12, 2007 edition of the Business Communications blog carnival. I had a tough decision to make this time, but I’m going to be completely transparent about it: because this is a business blog that strives to present relevant, timely, conferencing and communications-related information, I was unable to include submissions that did not address conferencing or collaboration.

It is my personal goal to keep the information which I present here as streamlined and useful as possible to my readers. I am quite interested in receiving future submissions about business communication, especially conferencing tips, reviews, and techniques, but there are many other venues available (even through for other topics.

Without any further business on my end, here are the selected submissions for this (theoretically) audio-conferencing themed carnival:

Jay Gordon Cone presents Interaction Associates - Thought leadership and practical tools for collaboration. posted at Interaction Associates - Thought leadership and practical tools for collaboration.
How do you practice thought leadership, especially with a distributed team? This post features some useful tips on moving toward "collective intelligence", the optimal synergy that comes from successful teams.

Jason Rakowski presents Building Relationships In Business - Why It's So Important posted at Learn Good Customer Service
As you read this, consider too how web conferencing may be an important part of your customer service package - could your customers benefit from guided product demonstrations? How could other collaboration services make it easier for you to maintain these important relationships?

Luke Houghton presents 5 golden rules of making a presentation posted at Luke Houghton.
5 rules, up to and including: be prepared!

Phil B. presents The Right and Wrong Ways to Boost Morale « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity.
Phil's recommendations include improving communication and allowing telecommuting to boost morale in his workplace, both of which can be accomplished through web and video conferencing, as well as other online collaboration services. Might the same be true for yours?

Christine Scivicque presents 10 Ways to Build a Better Team and How to be a Good Listener , both posted at The Executive Assistant's Tool Box.
Strong teams are critical to collaboration, while listening skills are indispensable for all types of conferencing (and meetings in general, of course). These articles are both very informative.

Raj Dash presents Bootstrapper » 11 Web-based Project Management, Collaboration and Communication Tools posted at Bootstrapper, saying, "Businesses that have a need to communicate online with clients or remote employees have a number of choices. Here are a selection of 11 online tools for project management, communication and collaboration."

Warren Wong presents Be A Good Manager By Letting People Learn And Grow posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Information on the common mistakes an new manager makes and tips on how to be a good manager."

Sidhusaaheb presents Google's Gaffe posted at I, Me, Myself.
How do you handle a distributed, international team? Cultural sensitivity evidently counts for a lot; here's one story, but I'm sure there are many worldwide.

Leon Gettler presents Top 5 email compliance mistakes posted at Sox First, saying, "Here are the top five email compliance mistakes: mistakenly assuming you can destroy the documents after the retention period ends, not including all email as a compliance asset, assuming it will be expensive, over-categorizing and making compliance a business goal."
Email compliance information for those of you who have to deal with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Charles H. Green presents The Cold War, the Hot Line and Twitter posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Are you an effective communicator? (Or do you come across as a twit?) Twitter provides a striking example of why veto power, permission and relevance are critical keys to effective communication."

edithyeung presents Disempowering Phrases Successful People Never Say posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..
Some things never to say during your conference calls or other meetings.

wilson ng presents MultiTasking for Productivity posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife.
Does multitasking make you more productive? Maybe you really should close Outlook and your web browser during that next web conference.

Steven Silvers presents PowerPoint presentation on news story about business school requiring PowerPoint presentation from applicants. posted at Scatterbox at
Caution: satire. PowerPoint seems to lend itself to satire quite well.

That concludes this edition. Thanks to all who participated, even if I was unable to accept your submission. Submit your (relevant) blog article to the next edition of business communications using our carnival submission form. Only articles that are directly related to web conferencing or online presentations will be accepted for this upcoming edition.

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