Friday, September 14, 2007

Web Conferencing in Your Industry

I've been seeing a lot recently about telemedicine, web conferencing in senior living facilities, and other unconventional applications of conferencing technology. How is your industry using audio, web, or video conferencing - or how could you benefit from using it?

Today, The Common Scold published a brief piece about Law Firm Inc.'s recent findings on web conferencing use in American law firms. Two exciting highlights :

• 77% of firms are using web conferencing software

• 77% of those using web conferencing cited increased productivity, while 75% cited better client service and 44% saw improved processes.

To me, web conferencing is all about better communication than ever before. Why wait to fax or email a document and discuss changes over the phone when you can chat or talk about a document with the whole team all at once? Asynchronous collaboration can be a real pain, and it takes a lot longer for each person to review changes and information individually than for a team to do it all at once.

So, tell me: how has your business benefited from web or other conferencing?

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